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The Power and Pitfalls of Commercial Insights


This week our own Josh Baez, Marketing Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing joins us in an episode called, "The Power and Pitfalls of Commercial Insights"

We talk about (among other things):

  • The importance of research and commercial insights in the market today and some best practices and related pitfalls  
  • What goes into creating good research (valid research that can stand up)
  • Statistical significance
  • Creation of content
  • Promotion of content
  • When you get it done, what do you do with it to get the most out of it and to have the best impact on your business
  • Context
  • Curiosity

Read the full transcription on the Heinz Marketing blog.  

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The Perfect Persona: How to increase prospect engagement, response and conversion


There will likely be a Game of Thrones recap/convo. for fun!

In that light:  The host/guest names are:

Host:  Matt Heinz, First of his name, builder of sales funnels

Guest:  Josh Baez, first of his name, breaker of chains, writer of marketing copy or Ft. Josh Baez, the original persona non grata