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Content Marketing, What’s working?

March 7, 2017

episode-card-250-shannon-dougall.jpgMatt's guest in this episode is Shannon Dougall, Vice President of Marketing at Uberflip. They just returned from the annual Content to Conversion Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. It combines content and demand generators together.

What are you seeing in the field and trends?

Seeing overall that B2B marketers believe that content is more important than ever. 84% of B2B marketers are looking to increase their investment in content this year. 55% of marketing budgets are spent in content investment. But they are saying their content is under-performing. Why? Possible answers are:

1. Their content isn't very good.

2. The experience surrounding the content isn't peforming.

3. OR they are not able to see the results to properly measure the success.

For content to be successful, it definitely needs to be engaging. To do this, need to consider the medium - read, interact - either way, it needs to be insightful, relevant and something other than what the "other guys" are producing. The content has to be action-oriented. You have to have a piece of content that you expect something to happen at the end. This should be common sense, but it is often forgotten in the rush to meet the content quota and flood the venues.

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About our guest:

Shannon Dougall has been called, “a marketer of the future.” She is an adventurer, scientist, and artist in the field of marketing. She had been compared to a Swiss Army Knife, using her experiences and learnings towards an all-in-one type of demand generation and customer acquisition that includes storytelling, blogging, lifecycle marketing, digital marketing, SEO, paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, positioning, pre-product/product marketing, app store marketing, content marketing, growth hacking, and analytics just to name a few. Shannon’s true north is to help business’ transform to realize their true potential.